Publication Opportunities

Website - Sisters Eternal WMC: Skulls Will Roll

A while back, Jonna who wrote for Jonna Travels, provided our group with the opportunity to tell their story through some of her publications. While Jonna is no longer writing and has taken on professional photography, we have decided to continue the stories through our website for those who wish to participate. If interested, please provide your submission and any pictures you wish to accompany the story with. Once received, I will get it posted on our website through the Skulls Will Roll section.


Name: Sisters Eternal WMC, “Insert Chapter”, “Insert Road Name"




When did you start riding?


Why did you start riding?


What was your first bike?


What do you ride now?


What is a typical ride for you?


What is your favorite thing about being on two wheels?


What is your worst bike memory?


What is your best bike memory?