New Membership Request

Anyone interested in getting to know us, riding with us, or becoming a member should look for us at the COC meetings, at various community events on any given weekend, or, failing that, please use the contact us form or at 


Membership Criteria

There Are Several Conditions That Must Be Met Prior To Consideration:  

  • You must be a female at least 21 years of age; there is no upper age limit. 
  • You must be an experienced rider. 
  • You must own a touring or cruiser motorcycle, 750cc or greater
  • You must have a valid drivers license with a Motorcycle ("M") endorsement as well as the minimum state required motorcycle insurance coverage.

If you meet these minimum requirements and are interested in finding out what Sisters Eternal WMC may have to offer you then it’s time to for us to get to know you.  Contact us to find where we will be and come on out and introduce yourself. 

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