Facebook - Turning Off Notifications for Pages

How do I change my notification settings for a Page I help manage?


When you change your notification settings, you can choose:

  • To get a notification on Facebook each time there is Page activity, or every 12 - 24 hours on all activity
  • What kinds of activity you get notified about
  • To get a notification each time your Page receives a message
  • To get an email or text each time there is activity on your Page
  • To turn off all notifications

Keep in mind that when you change your notification settings for a Page you help manage, the notification settings of others who help manage the Page won't be affected. Others who work on the Page will still get notifications about the Page based on the settings they've chosen.

To change your notification settings for a Page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click Notifications in the left column
  3. Edit your notification settings

You can also see all notifications by clicking Notifications at the top of your Page. From here, you can mark all notifications as read by clicking Mark All as Read.

Note: If you've turned on notifications in your Page settings and still aren't receiving any notifications, it may be because you turned off notifications on your mobile device. Try tapping Settings > Notifications on your mobile device and make sure your notifications for Facebook are turned on.