06/17/2017: Musician Line Up - The Longest Day


Element Entertainment

Rockin' the World and Beyond!!! : DJ Moe began his music career as a disc jockey for The Karaoke Kings. During this period he acquired the passion to continue the path that would then take him to the next level ……creating Element Entertainment. Being a much loved hobby, DJ Moe is passionate about planning and delivering a memorable, custom-tailored music entertainment events, which has an impact on his clients and guests. His charisma, energy and audience chemistry resonate at every one of his events. In fact, about 80% of Element Entertainments total business evolves from referrals, current clients or repeat clients themselves! Contact Moe "Batman" Saucedo 832-421-0323

JLBB M/M - Jesus Lovin' Biker Band

A variety of music ranging from rock, to country, to contemporary.

Joan Wynn - Lead Vocal / Rhythm Guitar
Charlie "Hounddog" Starbuck - Lead Guitar / Vocal
Tim Sparks - Bass Guitar / Vocal
Jason "JZ" Zilch - Drums
Jim Wynn - Sound


Joey Lizotte Music

Worship Leader - Songwriter, Musician